Royal Gorge Race Recap

You know when you check the weather before a race and the chance of precipitation is low, so you’re thinking, my odds are good. That was me before my second 50k. The alarm went off at 4am and there was a hefty dusting on the ground. The drive was less than ideal but we arrived 30 minutes before the start. I don’t like to have too much time before the start because I will start to overthink.

This race was a 30k loop + a 20k loop on fun and engaging trails. The first loop was snowy, cold and windy but I felt really good coming into the 30k finish. I definitely had some negative thoughts creep in despite feeling physically well and went straight into my 20k loop. I was really proud of myself here because I had never done a looped course and it could have been easy for me to be satisfied with a 45 minute PR in the 30k. I kept on. 

The 20k loop was less of a climb, still snowy but it had warmed up by 7 degrees or so. By this time, the only runners left on the course were 50k runners so I went several miles without seeing anyone, which gave me a chance to just get into my groove. I had fueled so well throughout, taking turns sipping on my Endurance Fuel concentrate and water. I absolutely love that there was Tailwind on the course so I didn’t have to carry any single servings once my concentrate ran out. I don’t think I have ever fueled that well in a race and Tailwind is just so simple to calculate everything that I didn’t need to think about it. I often hear from those who know of Tailwind as “fuel for elites” which is a common misconception. Tailwind is for anyone who doesn’t want to overthink their fuel.

On my final ascent to the finish line I was looking at a pretty hefty PR which motivated me to the end. I was cheered on by several members of my running group who had done the 30k and stayed to watch me cross the finish line as the 7th female. Upon finishing, it was straight to the car with cups of hot water to enjoy some Salted Caramel and Chocolate Recovery Mix. All in all it was a great day for adventure and I can’t wait for the next one.


Written By Megan Jurgens: Our Tailwind Graphic Designer.

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Megan is such a gift to her running community and I’m so grateful for all the miles we have shared!
Tailwind Nutrition replied:
Megan truly is great!

Stephanie Atencio

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