How To Make & Carry Tailwind Concentrate

Looking for the best way to fuel your adventures? Tailwind has you covered with some simple instructions. To start, mix 200 calories of Endurance Fuel with 24 oz of water per hour of exercise. For example, a 4-hour workout would require 800 calories (8 scoops or 4 single serving packets) mixed with 96 oz of water.

If you need a more concentrated option for carrying around during a marathon, consider making a gel-like Endurance Fuel concentrate. Calculate your total caloric needs and mix it with just enough water to make it viscous. Mark your bottle according to your total race time and aim for 24 oz of water per every two scoops (or one single serving packet) of Endurance Fuel.

Not sure how to carry your concentrate? We recommend the SoftFlask 150ml or 250ml from our friends at Hydrapak!

Remember to drink extra water! Your body needs about 10-12 oz of water for every 100 calories of Endurance Fuel to process it properly. Stay hydrated to avoid any stomach issues.

Everyone's bodies are different, so listen to yours. If you're feeling low on energy or hungry, increase your calorie intake. If you're feeling bloated, decrease it a bit. Practice your fueling strategy during long training sessions to ensure you've got it down before race day.

Need a way to carry it all with you? Handheld bottles and/or belts are great options for races where hydration vests might not be allowed, always check the race rules and regulations before prepping for race day! 

We're here to help! Email us at if you have any questions. And always consult your physician for medical advice. Happy Fueling!

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