Value of Tailwind

We get it that performance matters more than price when it comes to nutrition, but why pay more than what you need to?

Because Endurance Fuel is a “complete fuel”, it contains all of the necessary calories and electrolytes an athlete needs. Many hydration competitors only provide a fraction of the required calories and electrolytes, thus they need to be supplemented with additional products.

Check out some math for a 10-hour race (2500 calories at 250/hour plus required electrolytes):

Tailwind Endurance Fuel

2500 calories:

- 25 scoops of Endurance Fuel = $17.99*

Required electrolytes:

- Included = $0

Total cost: $17.99

*non caffeinated Endurance Fuel from a 50 serving bag


2500 calories:

- 1600 calories from the drink mix = $11.20

- 900 supplemental calories from gels = $14.00

Required electrolytes:

- 2 electrolyte pills an hour: $3.40

Total cost: $28.60

The Bottom Line

To get the same nutritional benefits from a competitor brand, you would most likely need to combine multiple products and you would end up spending about 37% more on your nutrition.

Tailwind really is all you need, all day. Really!

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