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Unfortunately, this is not one of our typical communications celebrating the joy of what we all love to do, but instead to let you know of an upcoming price increase, our first in 7 years. We know this isn’t great news, but unfortunately, we have been impacted just like everyone else by rising costs.

To put things in perspective, the cost of ingredients is increasing more in 2022 than over the last 5 years combined. Compounding the problem has been the rising cost of freight. Here is a great article from a twenty-year truck driver veteran explaining the situation and a graph to illustrate what we are facing.

graph of freight-flation over the past 1.5 decades

We also pay our employees more than a living wage which is a priority for us. One of the reasons we started Tailwind Nutrition and continue to manufacture locally is to create jobs in our rural community. We wouldn’t be who we are and deliver great products without our Tailwind family.

So, we have our backs against the wall. We are not willing to sacrifice the quality of our product by using inferior ingredients, end up in a situation where we can’t provide great customer service, or shortchange our employees. Historically, we have been able to absorb rising prices because of efficiencies made possible by our rockstar employees, but sadly we can’t offset these dramatic increases.

Beginning January 1, 2022, our prices will be as follows:

    • Non-Caffeinated Endurance Fuel will increase from $25.99 (30-serving) and $35.99 (50-serving) to $27.99 (30-serving) and $38.99 (50-serving).
    • Recovery Mix will increase from $38.99 to $39.99.
    • The price of all single serving packs and Caffeinated Endurance Fuel will remain the same.
We understand that a price increase is never ideal and hope you can understand where we are coming from. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out!


Tailwind is THE ONLY mix I use for training for for races. Showing us all why the increase and caring for your employees…..just makes me love Tailwind that much more! Happy New Year!


You all rock, make the smart business choice and look to the long term. If a dollar costs your a customer, then they weren’t the right customer. Building it right and supporting your economic structure in the community is the right thing to do.

Casey McCright

Hello from Maryland. THANK YOU for being up front about it and explaining why. Local jobs and maintaining quality are super important and easily justify this minor increase. Keep up the good work.

Charles Starkey

The transparency of the price increase is appreciated. I’ll continue to purchase because your products are high quality and your values align with my own.


Any company that makes great products, has an incredible heart, and takes care of its employees is one I can get behind and continue to invest in!

So bring on the price change! 🤘🏽

Megan Dionne

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