Understanding Sugar

Let's dive into a hot topic: simple carbs, aka sugar! Now, you might wonder, "Is sugar good or bad for us during workouts?" Let's clear the air and discover the truth together! Sugar can be an excellent fuel during exercise but is not preferred as an energy source when we're just lounging on the couch.

Let's break it down - whether it's a piece of kale or a candy bar, all carbohydrates are eventually turned into simple sugars before our hardworking muscles use them. The key here is the speed at which this conversion happens. When we're active and exercising, we want those carbs to transform into simple sugars quickly because they become an instant source of energy for our muscles. We're talking about dextrose and sucrose, the MVPs of exercise fuels! Plus, they don't burden our digestive system when our body is already under stress, so no stomach or GI troubles!

However, when we are less active and just sitting around, our muscles need a helping hand from insulin to take in that energy. That's when complex carbs like broccoli, kale, and sweet potatoes shine as our go-to fuel choice. On the flip side, simple sugars during periods of inactivity can lead to roller-coaster blood sugar levels and some unpleasant side effects. Can you say sugar crashes?

So, timing is everything! When you're gearing up for a workout or a race, allow your body some time to switch gears from rest mode to exercise mode. Give it around 20-30 minutes to let the muscles utilize glucose without the need for insulin's assistance and to let those exercise hormones do their magic in suppressing insulin secretion. Once you're in the groove, go ahead and sip on your favorite sports drink, like Endurance Fuel, but do so gradually. No need to chug it all down at once; moderation is key!

Now, let's talk recovery - that golden hour after exercise when your body is like a sponge, soaking up the energy it needs to refuel. This is another time when simple sugars work wonders and won't cause those less than fun blood sugar spikes and crashes. To bounce back quickly and get ready for your next adventure, opt for simple sugar-packed options with complete proteins like Tailwind Recovery Mix. It's a winner for replenishing your glycogen stores efficiently during that golden hour!

To sum it all up, remember this: exercise and rest are different, and our carb choices should reflect that. Embrace simple sugars as your exercise buddies but reserve complex carbs for those relaxed evenings. Broccoli makes for a delightful dinner, but it's not going to give you that burst of racing fuel you need on the trails.

Happy trails!

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I’m 72 years old and have used Tailwind’s lemon powder for several years. It’s a real helpful pick-me-up during long runs. During the past three months, however, it gave me a boost while enduring chemotherapy. I just did a half to quarter dose beginning about day 6 or 7 of each round. It made a huge difference in how I felt.


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