Trust Your Gut

Tailwind Nutrition is a company founded on trust. Jeff and Jenny Vierling created Tailwind Nutrition because they believed that all athletes should have a fuel source they could trust to keep them going, mile after mile. Read the full story of how Tailwind Nutrition got started here.

Products You Can Trust

Our products are made with simple sugars and natural ingredients, so you can trust your nutrition to keep you fueled, hydrated and recovered without stomach issues. Simple sugars are incredibly easy to digest during exercise, and they provide you with quick and steady energy. To really dive into the details on the benefits of simple sugar, read this.

People You Can Trust

Tailwind is made by athletes who understand the importance of a good support crew, so you can trust us to help you reach your goals and troubleshoot all your questions on fueling, recovery and exercise. If you ever have any questions or comments for us, don’t hesitate to email your gut and trust Tailwind Nutrition - a company with products and people you can rely on.

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