How I Use all Tailwind Products Throughout the Week

By Lexi, Tailwind Marketing Manager

A while ago I ditched the watch and the formal mileage tracking and made it my goal to spend as much time as possible moving and more importantly outside in nature. Summers are the most packed with activities which vary week to week. What can I say, there are just so many more hours in the day! This is how I use Tailwind throughout the week. I am even more excited to use our newest product, Active Hydration, to help me on my shorter efforts and keeping hydrated between it all!


Morning short run (30 min) with the doggo followed by strength workout (30 min)

  • After my morning run I usually prioritize showering and getting my dog (Wilder) ready for his walk to work so I add Recovery Mix to my smoothie. Usually this recipe has some frozen fruit, a banana, flax seeds or chia seeds and a green. Once it’s all mixed up it's time to podcast and walk into the office. 

Evening road ride (2 hours)

  • I have a few standing group rides throughout the week and always scramble out of work around 5:00 to get home and ready to meet everyone for our 5:30pm ride. My go to is Lemon Endurance Fuel during the ride. 
  • Some nights when I get home from this ride depending on whether it was a hard effort or more of a social shake out ride I will mix up Chocolate Recovery Mix. This helps give me a buffer from my ride and being famished so I can take care of getting my bike put away and dinner made. 


Pre-work hot yoga (1 hour)

  • We have an amazing yoga studio in town that I have been attending for years so I make it a staple of my week to take the early morning class and get my sweat on. In order to get my hydration up I drink Active Hydration about an hour before class to rehydrate from the night's sleep. Personally I try to limit my liquids intake during class because it can make me feel more sluggish and limited in positions. If I finish class and feel really dehydrated I will mix up another bottle of Active Hydration for my walk in to work.

Walk to taco night!

  • Beer :) obviously.


    Morning mountain bike ride (1 hour)

    • Matcha is my favorite morning Endurance Fuel flavor for this ride. Feels like it helps me get my brain working before work and helps me talk a little more during the uphills. 


      Rest day


      Morning run  (30 min) followed by a strength workout (30 min)

      • Similar to Monday morning I get home from my short morning run with the dog, finish my strength workout and mix up some Recovery Mix in my smoothie. Then it’s time to walk Wilder in to work and consume it on my walk in. 

      Post work hot yoga (1 hour) 

      • If I have been good about drinking water throughout the work day I sometimes will skip my bottle of Active Hydration until after class. This is a 6:00pm class so I will walk home from work, and mix up my Active Hydration with ice in my insulated bottle so I have an ice cold treat for my drive home from yoga to get me ready for a dinner out or seeing friends.


      Adventure day!

      • The goal is to spend all day out enjoying the mountains or the desert! Could be anything from paddleboarding on the river, an open water swim, summiting a peak off the list on the fridge.
      • Combination of Endurance Fuel, Active Hydration or Recovery Mix depending on the activity.


      Morning dog hike (1 hour)

      • Getting myself hydrated before my long days out is really important to making sure I feel ready when I get to the trailhead. While I walk Wilder I will take along a bottle of Active Hydration to top off my hydration before I get my gear ready and get out on my ride.

      High country mountain bike ride (3+ hours) 

      • Endurance Fuel during the ride.
      • Recovery Mix after the ride. 



      I hope this weekly outline of my activities, hydration, and recovery efforts were helpful! If you ever have any questions about how you can use Tailwind or maximize the benefits of doing so, we are here to help. Never hesitate to email us at

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