With warmer weather slowly creeping in, we decided to heat things up with this Spicy Tailwind Margarita. Refreshing and spicy, this summer-time cocktail will leave you wanting more!

Spicy Tailwind Margarita

Servings: Makes 2 bar-sized drinks, or 1 home-sized drink

8 good squirts of lime juice (or 1 whole lime), to taste
2 scoops Mandarin Orange Endurance Fuel
10oz water
3oz silver tequila*
1/2oz triple sec*
Muddled jalapeño, to taste
Margarita salt
Orange for garnish (optional)

1. Combine ingredients and shake with ice
2. When in doubt, add more tequila
3. Garnish with salt, lime, orange, and/or jalapeño

Bonus: Did you know Endurance Fuel also makes a great hangover cure? At least that’s what we hear (wink, wink). We love that this cocktail doubles as a tasty adult beverage and hangover prevention!

*No alcohol? No problem! Turn this cocktail into a mocktail by skipping the tequila and triple sec.


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