Introducing Tailwind Rebuild
For the past several years, we've been recommending that Tailwind Nutrition Endurance Fuel be used as part of the recovery process. We suggested that customers continue drinking Tailwind immediately post activity to take advantage of the "magical 30-60 minute window" to replenish glycogen stores and then follow it with a nice balanced meal with protein, fat and carbohydrates. But just like us, our customers often found themselves at the end of a trailhead - not near a kitchen to whip up a meal. More and more of our customers started asking us to come out with a recovery drink that would help them feel better faster, and just like our endurance fuel, was convenient, vegan, and tasted great. In other words, a recovery drink that you could mix with water at the end of an adventure, drink right away and be ready to tackle another epic the next day. Jeff enlisted the help of his friend, Art Zemach, a fellow endurance athlete who also happens to be a physician. They threw themselves into the R&D of what would become Tailwind Rebuild. Along the way, they discovered critical aspects for a successful recovery - not just the importance of glycogen replenishment during the 30-60 minute window, but also how important it is to use the right amounts of carbohydrates and complete protein, as opposed to focusing on a specific ratio of carbohydrates to protein. They also realized the importance of replacing any fluid and electrolyte losses to recover faster. Ultimately, however, they understood that it wouldn't make a bit of difference unless it was better than other recovery drinks on the market and beat the convenience and taste of chocolate milk. What Makes Tailwind Rebuild Different? Tailwind Rebuild is based on a patent-pending mathematical model that enables us to build a complete protein in a very efficient way starting with organic rice protein and supplementing it with amino acids. This is important because only complete protein is used for recovery. It turns out that the total amount of protein that you see on a nutrition label doesn't really mean anything when it comes to recovery because only a portion of that protein is complete; the rest is incomplete. That's why the carbohydrate to protein ratio doesn't really mean a lot but the amounts of carbohydrates and complete protein do. To put things in perspective, you need to drink 2x as much chocolate milk and 3x more of other recovery drinks in order to match the complete protein found in Tailwind Rebuild. We also add both slow and fast-burning carbohydrates, some healthy fats from coconut milk, and just the right amounts of electrolytes to WHO rehydration standards. As a result, nothing repairs your muscles more efficiently, restores your energy faster, and makes you feel better sooner. There's a lot more to Tailwind Rebuild which we'll cover in a series of blogs, but the last thing we want to mention is that Tailwind Rebuild is vegan. After you taste it, you'll think we must have slipped some dairy into our recovery drink, but we promise that we didn't! Best part? It mixes with water so, at the end of your activity, you don't need to be in the kitchen to throw it in a blender and push the "on" button. Instead, just fill a small water bottle and pour in the Rebuild, shake well, and drink! We promise that your taste buds won't revolt, and instead beg for more. From the very beginning, Jeff and Art knew that Tailwind's recovery product would have to be vastly different from other recovery drinks and align with our company's goal of helping athletes achieve their personal goals. It wouldn't make sense to release a product that was just like everyone else's. To that end, we are really proud of what we have accomplished and we can't wait to hear what you think!

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