Happy National Puppy Day!

This one is for the doggos! We take National Puppy Day very seriously over here at Tailwind, since we will take any excuse to give the office dogs extra love. The Tailwind dogs make our adventures 10x more fun and obviously add loads of excitement to our home and office lives. We interrupted their daily routines of naps and zoomies to get an exclusive on their favorite would-be Endurance Fuel flavor and more. 

Dalmatian laying on bed


Parent: Marketing Manager, Lexi.
Age: 4
Favorite hobby: Shedding, and standing way too close to anyone who will give me love and affection (can you say cuddles)
Favorite place to nap: Under the covers long after everyone else in the house has been awake
Tailwind job: Mental Health Consultant. Need a reminder to breathe fresh air? Maybe walk away from your desk? Let's not forget the wet nose nudge of encouragement to supply snacks, always.
Endurance Fuel flavor of choice: Carrot flavor with a close second being broccoli.

Puppy looking at camera


Parent: Ops Manager, Brer.
Age: 17 months
Favorite hobby: Chasing deer
Favorite place to nap: Next to my dad's bed
Tailwind job: Head of Squirrel Mitigation.
Endurance Fuel flavor of choice: Hot Dog!

Puppy licking dishes in dishwasher


Parent(s): Tailwind owners, Jeff and Jenny.
Age: 14
Favorite hobby: Barking at scary things from the safety of indoors
Favorite place to nap: Anywhere Jenny or Jeff are. I follow them from room to room.
Tailwind job: Packaging Tester. I'll give it the smell test and then tear it apart!
Endurance Fuel flavor of choice: Dirty dishes!


Puppy gazing at camera laying on a dog bed.


Parent(s): Tailwind owners, Jeff and Jenny.
Age: 11
Favorite hobby: Chasing UPS drivers
Favorite place to nap: Sprawled on the couch
Tailwind job: Shipping/Receiving – nothing tastier than a delivery driver
Endurance Fuel flavor of choice: Sweaty Calf (human)

Weimaraner walking in snow


Parent: Athlete and Sponsorship Manager, Maggie.
Age: 12.5
Favorite hobby: Aromatic Investigation
Favorite place to nap: Anywhere with a lot of pillows and blankets
Tailwind job: I would be the CEO because I am the boss around here.
Endurance Fuel flavor of choice: Pizza, Chicken, Yogurt combo


White husky mix and black lab standing on a rock with tongues out.

Koda (left) and Jesse James (right)

Parent: Graphic Designer, Morgen.
Age: 4 & 5 respectively
Favorite Hobby:
Jesse James: Seeking attention from anyone that looks my way and howling into the darkness to protect my family.
Koda: Running, dog sledding, and generally wreaking chaos while looking fabulous.
Favorite Place to Nap:
Jesse James: On the sheepskin rug by the fire
Koda: In the snow or coldest place in the house
Tailwind Job:
Jesse James: Quality assurance - my high-level anxiety ensures I never miss a single detail!
Koda: Product testing - if Tailwind were to make a dog version of Endurance Fuel, I would put in the miles to really test the limits of that product
Endurance Fuel flavor of choice:
Jesse James: Salami Endurance Fuel
Koda: Peppermint Elk Poop Endurance Fuel (truly, both are my favorite foods)


We will be taking the dogs out on an extra special run, ride, or walk today to celebrate National Puppy Day! We will see you out there!


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Loved this post
My puppy is Boone-short for Boonedoggle- and he is not into exercise or endurance cause he’s a basset hound.
Tailwind Nutrition replied:
All pups are great pups, whether they love to run or not!


Love seeing the pups.
I’ve got two great ones. They love there “wag your tailwind treats” 🤪

Jackie Culp

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