Inspiration, Authenticity, and Life Changes
n April this year, I went to Girona, Spain for the Traka gravel race. I was so excited for some time off. I started a new job in January which was very challenging - not the work itself, but the dynamics at this company. It was a toxic environment where I felt super isolated and sad every day. I realized I wasn't being my true self. I was sitting at a desk because of a paycheck and afraid of making changes in my life due to security. 

In the last 5 years, while racing, I didn't know how to eat and struggled with fuel vs not gaining weight. So I decided to go back to school and study my true passions: sports and holistic nutrition as well as life coaching. 

When I was in Girona, I was in the presence of what truly inspires me, and when we have emerged into that state, we hear our inner guidance more clearly. Being outdoors, with my partner, meeting new and like-minded people, and riding our bikes, made me realize that I should apply all I have studied and learned into a business, my own business, and my passion: to help others live and lead a healthy and happy lifestyle. I think being inspired by something or someone is one of the most beautiful things there is. The energy of inspiration always gives me a high, a boost of energy, and at the same time a state of bliss and peace. 

The traka 200km, I didn't feel in top shape and decided to treat this as a long bike ride and enjoy the day. My partner took off on the front and wanted to test his limits. I was relaxed on the back. Around km 5, I saw my friend Juliet with a flat, I stopped to help her and we decided to stick together. It was so much fun to have her there! During the biggest climb, I lost her, but then found her again on the summit where she took a break waiting for me. I don't remember what km this was but I was having so much fun on a downhill that I forgot to check the map and suddenly there was a left turn. My back wheel didn't grip and I lacked skills so I went down really fast. A few scratches and we kept going. At the last feed station, we got a beer from a gas station - we weren't in a hurry plus my fall, so we figured a beer would be a good idea, and it was! Last stretch to the finish line, there was a very fun single track by the river, and then the 360km leader passed us! What!?! That was really funny because everyone was cheering at the finish line (for him but it felt like it was for us haha). And, we weren't even last! The other days were followed by many other bike rides over the mountains to the sea and around beautiful Costa Brava. 

Inspiration makes sure you check your inner compass clearly. I am happy I had the opportunity to check my inner compass and see that I wasn't being my true self and I needed to make changes. I am now a certified nutritional and life coach. It is not the same cash flow but I feel lighter and happier. Make sure that you surround yourself with lots of inspiration to be able to feel what you want and live the way that feels most authentic to you!


By Juliana Veterano 
Photo by Miguel Veterano 

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