Fueling for a Long Urban Run
By Alli Felsenthal, Founder & CEO, Runwithalli ® , LLC Coaching

During the summer, it’s been a constant struggle for me to nail down a perfect nutrition strategy during my hot runs through NYC. There are many benefits to several types of fuels runners will take during workouts and races. It’s always valuable to know your expertise on how different endurance fuels affect your body during your runs and which ones work best for your personal needs! What works for your best friend might not work the best for you.

Now, I have finally found my go-to endurance fuel that doesn’t upset my stomach, and that keeps me energized and fueled during my runs - Tailwind Nutrition. Wherever you are in your running journey, setting yourself up with efficient fueling strategies that work for you will change your running, especially during your workouts, to keep you strong, running happy, and injury-free!

Why does fueling for your runs matter?

To reduce injuries, to maintain glycogen stores, and to replace electrolytes lost while sweating are the top reasons!

It's important to note that it's critical to hydrate all summer long during longer runs, especially in the concrete jungle! Tailwind Nutrition, created after a bad race at Leadville 100, is easy on the gut instead of other endurance fuel I've dabbled with during my training, especially while running my recreational ultras around NYC.

Tailwind is high in potassium, calcium, magnesium and is gluten-free and vegan friendly!

How do you fuel with Tailwind Endurance Fuel for your runs?

Any activity taking place over one hour is a great benchmark to use for yourself for refueling during your runs with Tailwind's Endurance Fuel.

Mix 2-3 scoops of the Endurance Fuel with 24 oz of water for every hour you're on your feet and beforehand! Be easy on your tummy, enjoy the light taste of the endurance fuel, and change your running game!

I drink Endurance Fuel daily, even on my recovery days. This way, I can ensure my body is ready to go during my longer runs! When I'm running, I know Tailwind is in my system, and I'm not in the humidity with the sun blazing down on me and no electrolytes left! I never run with a hydration vest, as I enjoy running with as little as possible while running through the NYC streets. My go-to loops allow me to keep my Endurance Fuel on my doorstep, so I'm able to calculate and plan my routes, changing up the length of the loops I run. And yes, I stick to running loops here to avoid the cars and traffic while taking my midday runs quite often!

It's important to note that as blood volume drops due to dehydration during longer runs, the body and the heart have to work harder to pump oxygenated blood throughout your body, increasing the rate of tiredness quicker than you'd like! There is no circulation when that happens.

This study by the Mayo Clinic Staff shows 2.7 liters of fluids are needed on average a day for women, and 3.7 of fluids for men is arbitrary and based on an individual's intake without exercise. Throw exercise into the mix, and you need a LOT more fluid, electrolytes, and minerals, all of which Tailwind endurance fuel provides you.

Please do not save these strategies for race day! Use the resources around you and guidance from your coach or your accountability team during your training. We don't need any more surprises out of our control. Why do such a thing?!

How do you fuel with food before your runs?

Whatever you do, be sure to leave an hour between your last meal and before you run so you can digest your food, regardless of what it may be, and set yourself up for a successful workout. Especially in the heat, our stomach tends to do weird things, so we want to be hydrated and as comfortable as possible when we're out on our feet!

A few of my pre-running snacks are:

  • Chobani yogurt with peanut butter mixed in
  • Eggs on toast
  • Kale, apple, berry, mango smoothie

That all comes before my Endurance Fuel, which I take during my runs. My body has the energy it needs for my runs and the electrolytes and minerals from Tailwind too! Win!

Should you drink Tailwind after your runs?

I would recommend Tailwind's Rebuild Recovery, full of carbohydrates, vegan protein, and electrolytes! This product helps to replace all of those that you lose during your runs. Remember: you're only as good as your recovery! Train smart! Try the Tailwind way and ditch sticky, sugary gus and gels. You're in for a real treat.

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Train safe, fuel strategically, & run smart!

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