Earth-Friendly Efforts: The Compostable Scoop Story

As I am writing this, thinking back at the time investment, and perseverance it took to make this compostable scoop possible. I am grateful to Jeff and Jenny for trusting me to lean into my connections and research to break the mold for this scoop and I am so happy to see it has finally reached Endurance Fuel and Recovery Mix bags! 

Looking back on previous emails, I finally see the complete timeline. The first email reaching out to World Centric, on April 12, 2022, it must have been the approaching Earth Day that inspired me to give this a shot. 

World Centric was at one time a direct competitor to another green product development from my past R&D adventures. Having this in mind, I contacted the company headquarters, finding as much excitement as I was hoping to get about this project.    

Over the last two years, the scoop was redesigned a few times, building in strength for daily scooping, ease of use and not to forget making sure it is food-safe and can be added to our drink mixes. We literally “broke the mold” with the scoop, well there was no mold, so it got designed from scratch, Tailwind paid for it and this was a big commitment. I had a million thoughts about anything and everything that could go wrong, after all, a mold is a big hunk of metal and can’t be changed very easily. Finally, in the Summer of 2023, the first samples came off the line and I could not wait to get a scoop in my hand, parading it around at the Tailwind Warehouse like a new piece of jewelry! 

Two years later, we are adding this new scoop to our pouches and have removed all plastic scoops from the Endurance and Recovery Line.

Talk about a long and rewarding experience, I am in love with these little guys. My wish is to inspire many protein shake or drink powder manufacturers to switch their plastic scoop to a compostable renewable one. It takes many little steps to make a big change.

Written by Monika Glenn: Research and Development (and flavor artist) 


This is great! I was just thinking this weekend that it would be great to reduce the footprint of including a new scoop in every pouch, but this is even better: convenience and caring for the environment. Nice!

Doug B

What will the scoop be made out of? Having celiac disease I get worried that wheat is being used in some compostable products.
Tailwind Nutrition replied:
Hi Amanda, the scoop is made out of 100% cane sugar!

Amanda Drumm

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