Athlete Inspiration: National Girls and Women in Sports Day

This one's for the girls!

The second day of February marks National Girls and Women in Sports Day! This is such a momentous day for all the lady athletes out there.

Today we are thinking about how far women have come in sports and their accomplishments. The impact sports have on the lives of girls and women everywhere is truly incredible. We also want to honor the phenomenal progress women have made in making athletics more accessible and equitable for women across the world.

Tailwind is so lucky and honored to have female athletes within the company and on our Athlete and Trailblazer teams. We are so excited to share the advice, inspiration and wisdom from some of our awesome lady athletes!

Ultrarunner Brittany Charboneau standing with her disney medals

I think my advice from my younger self to my current self would be, "Don't let go of what makes you you! I hope you always keep the play in what you do, never stop wearing costumes, and have as much fearless confidence in your dreams as I do now. Make me proud!"

I'm inspired by women in all areas of life who aren't afraid to be a rebel, whose lives are filled with laughter, who work their asses off in pursuit of what sets their souls on fire, and who remind us all that it's ok to live our brightest, sparkly lives too!

–Brittany Charboneau, Elite Marathoner

Swimmer, Cabrini Johnson standing for a photo

I am so fortunate to have amazing opportunities as a young female athlete. Behind each of these opportunities that I am able to participate in, I am inspired each day by so many friends and family members. I would have to say that my mom has been one of my biggest inspirations to continue to pursue the, often flickering, love for my sport. She is the one who got me involved in swimming, and she is also the one who has helped guide me through the trials I have faced as a female in athletics. I was taught at a young age to keep my head up and I can always count on her to put a smile on my face and positive thoughts in my head.

–Cabrini Johnson, NCAA D1 Swimmer

Pro ultrarunner Courtney Dauwalter running on the Colorado Trail

I am inspired by people who take on big challenges. I feel very lucky to be in the sport of ultrarunning right now because there are tons of women crushing it! I hope more people throw caution to the wind and go after something that sounds too difficult. That's how we see what we can really do! And, of course, to have as much fun as possible along the way.

–Courtney Dauwalter, Pro Ultrarunner

Ultrarunner Annie Hughs running the Moab 240 Endurance Race

As a young, female athlete, I’m most inspired by women who have been in the sport for a long time and paved the way for the female ultra runners of today. They have so much wisdom and experience to share. It’s so inspiring to hear their stories, and to see them still crushing it out on the trails! I think it’s so important for young female runners to have a strong mentor to look up to. This sport is all about experience.

–Annie Hughes, Elite Ultrarunner

Pro XC Skier Evelina Sutro skiing

As a female athlete I am inspired by women who are honest about the highs and lows of being a professional athlete.

I would tell my younger self to not take things as seriously, enjoy all the aspects around the sport you’re doing!

–Evelina Sutro, Pro XC Skier

Gravel rider and mountain biker Ellen Campbell riding her bike

As a female athlete, I am inspired by all of the other women in sport that support each other before, during and after events. I think this compassion and kindness between athletes is what will bring momentum to bring more women into sports!

If I could give advice to younger female athletes I would say, keep it fun. There’s always a time and place for hard efforts and performance goals, but having fun with competitors and other athletes alike is what will create long lasting memories.

–Ellen Campbell, Pro Cyclist

Ultrarunner Sarah Keyes running

Trail running but specifically mountain running helped me gain the confidence I needed to become the female athlete I am today. Many years ago I realized that pushing myself in this way made me feel strong, gritty and downright badass at a time in my life that I really needed. Today, I definitely rely on those characteristics and feel very lucky to have found something that contributes to a purposeful life. If I could give my younger self some advice it’d be that, “we’re not defined by one day or one result.”

–Sarah Keyes, Elite Ultrarunner

Pro XC skier Alayna Sonneson skiing

I would tell my younger self to cherish the victories and learn from the losses. What matters the most is how you carry yourself through those peaks and valleys.

–Alayna Sonnesyn, Pro XC Skier

Mountain Biker and Youtuber, Hannah The Kook, standing with her bike.

What inspires me as a woman mountain biker is the look on guys faces when I ride down a feature they walk!

No matter what you have to keep things fun. Especially as a female, there may be pressure from your parents, friends, or community to be a certain way or to only perform well but none of that matters if you no longer love the sport you're doing. I've been riding bikes since elementary school and raced middle through high school with the NICA high school league. Although I really love bikes now I put too much pressure on myself and ended up taking a break after high school. Since then I've learned to love the sport again by only worrying about having fun and focusing on myself.

–Hannah the Kook, Mountain Biker & Youtuber

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