Athlete Highlight: Tyler Green
2022 is going to be a big year and we are so stoked to announce that our athlete team is expanding! We are excited to welcome a handful of new and incredibly rad elite athletes to the TW crew. Today we are highlighting one of the new additions to the team: Tyler Green! Tyler lives in Portland, OR with his wife and pup. You can find him enjoying the trails of the cascades or crushing any ultra he takes on. Continue reading to get to know Tyler!


Tailwind: How and when did you discover your sport? And/or describe your background and progression in the sport.
Tyler: Discovering trail running has been a natural progression connecting my love to mountains with running, something I started back in 2nd grade with my first cross country race. My long runs got longer and longer just because I was having so much fun exploring! I was actually pretty hesitant to race ultras and didn't have much cash, but a friend of mine paid for my registration to my first 50k--an act of generosity that has so deeply changed my life. 


Tailwind: Name some of your favorite races and/or accomplishments you are proud of.
Tyler: I'm most proud of the consistent years I've put in to improve over time. There are some big milestones that have come during that process, like placing 2nd at Western States and setting FKTs on the Wonderland and Timberline Trails, but I'm most proud of sticking with it and doing the work I need to do every day. Most days I love it, sometimes I don't, but I do it because it's a journey I've committed myself to, and that has great reward in and of itself.


Tailwind: How long have you been a Tailwind athlete?
Tyler: Well, I've been using the stuff for years, and I'm thrilled to join the family this year!


Tailwind: How did you first discover Tailwind?
Tyler: I think everyone has a story or two of the dumb things they did when they were just getting into the sport. One of mine is carrying a fully-loaded Chipotle burrito, hot sauce included, around Mt St Helens on my biggest run ever, thinking it had lots of calories and would sustain me. Since then I've learned what sits in my stomach nicely...and what doesn't. I started using Tailwind on the advice of a friend and running store manager. I've used and discarded a number of different sports nutrition products over the years, and Tailwind has been the only one that I've kept using throughout.


Tailwind: How has Tailwind helped you in your athletic endeavors? 
Tyler: It's essential to have a trusted hydration for big, hard efforts, and Tailwind is the hydration product I fully trust. On top of that, I've lately been using the Recovery Mix as a go-to recovery drink after hard efforts. It's tasty and gets my body right into recovery-mode.
Tailwind: What are your hopes and dreams in life, racing, exploring?
Tyler: My big aspirations for ultrarunning are to compete well at Western States this year, then really focus my efforts on building towards UTMB in previous years. There are so many cool places to run out there, and cool races to do. My wife and I are excited about the coming years to see and race as much as we can.


Rapid Fire Questions

Hometown: Portland, Oregon
Where you live now: Portland, Oregon!
Favorite Tailwind flavor: Mandarin or Matcha!
Favorite season: I'm a teacher... Summer ;)
Do you have any nicknames?  Teej, Ty, Green Arrow (I used to start all my runs too fast and my friends would say, "There goes the Green Arrow")
Do you have any pets? What are their names? Teddy, our awesome adventure pup.
Besides running, what else do you like to do in your spare time? Anything with my wife and dog, whether that's watching tv or reading on the coach, so going on a weekend trip in our van to run/ski/bike.
Where is your favorite place to trail run? The Wallowa Mountains in Eastern Oregon. It's the first place I went backpacking, where I trained for cross country in the summer during high school, and where I fell in love with my wife on a day-long ridge traverse.

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