A Look Back On 2023

As we look back on this year, we’re filled with so much joy and gratitude for a year filled with achievements, unforgettable moments, and a spirit of collaboration. Our reflection on the past year has been nothing short of remarkable, and we owe it all to the incredible efforts of our outstanding employees, the dedication of our inspiring athletes, and the unwavering support of our valued partners and most importantly our customers who make all of this possible! Let’s dive  into the numbers, share the stories of international triumphs, and spotlight the incredible feats of our athletes that have defined a year we'll remember. Here's to the memories we've made, the milestones we've conquered, and the collective spirit that has made 2023 extraordinary. Let's celebrate together!

First, let’s talk about how many limited-edition flavors we were able to craft this year! Starting out the year we had the Grape Outdoors Endurance Fuel which benefitted Big City Mountaineers and their mission. Because of your support, Big City Mountaineers was able to provide 28,312 hours spent on youth programming, 1,257 days spent outdoors, 4,622 hours spent on programs and was able to provide 278 youths a wonderful backcountry experience. 

We then launched Apple Cider Endurance Fuel, which we enjoyed warm on our fall rides, and partnered with Bigger Than The Trail (BTTT). Because of your support sipping this flavor, BTTT was able to provide 2,500 mental health sessions. We’re honored to work with them and continue to have conversations around mental health. 

Most recently, we launched our Chocolate Mint Recovery Mix and partnered with Friends of the Colorado Avalanche Information Center, and so far they’ve been able to have over 8,000 interactions at over 150 stops across Colorado to educate and ensure safety practices when it comes to avalanche awareness during winter activities. 

Of course, we can’t forget about the Limited Edition flavor we did with the G.O.A.T! Dauwaltermelon Endurance Fuel was a summer hit! It was a blast to collaborate with her, based on her dance moves, you knew this flavor was gonna be groovy! 

Switching gears, here are some fun stats from our operations side of things!

Over at our production facility here in Durango CO, We have run 1,641,643 single servings this year. That adds up to 200.8 miles end to end in single servings! Tailwind distance ultra in the future?? 

Tailwind doesn’t just fill up bottles and flasks here in the US, we’re international and growing! We work with close to 40 countries and added Iceland, Mozambique, Réunion Island, and Namibia this year. Welcome to the Tailwind family! 

Last but certainly not least when reflecting back on this year, we have to congratulate our athletes! Courtney Dauwalter took the world by storm with the mind blowing triple crown sweep. Her performances at Western States, Hardrock and UTMB left us in awe (and honestly it hasn’t left us since!) 

Harvey Lewis also took on Badwater 135 again for his 12th time (yes you read that right) and took 3rd place this year. In October he ran Big’s Backyard Ultra and set a high standard for Backyards to come with an out-of-this-world 450 miles! Talk about having Recovery Mix for a while after an effort like that! 

Tyler Green finished second at Western States, while Pam Reed also finished Western States and Hardrock at age 62. 

Annie Hughes came in 3rd at Hardrock.

Karl Sabbe and John Kelly completed Barkley Marathons. This isn’t your typical marathon, The course changes every year and runners must complete 5 20+ mile loops in 60 hours from the start of the first loop 

Alayna Sonnesyn and David Norris took home the win at Birkie earlier this year. We are very excited to be there this coming year and be part of the excitement! 

There are many more athlete accomplishments that we can’t fit them all into this blog post and scratch the surface of their determination and positivity in their respective sports. We are honored to have such athletes on our roster and it has been a pleasure being united by our mission: Helping each other out along the way, having each other’s backs, and encouraging each other along the way!  

Thank you for such an incredible year! We’re taking time to reflect and reset and get our goals ready for 2024! 

-Tailwind Team 


Love this year in review!! From the athletes, to the products to the production, it’s all so great! My favorite being all the LE flavors of course 👀👀


Will you be bringing Dauwaltermelon back??


Please consider releasing watermelon and apple cider flavors again! They’re SOOOO good! I didn’t get enough of either.


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