2022 Inspiration and Gratitude

We are kicking off 2022 with a bang! And that means that we are looking for inspiration, confidence, and good vibes in the people around us and in everything we do. Starting a new year on a positive note is not always possible–sh*t happens–but we are determined to spread the love and inspiration from our community this year. We polled our Instagram community asking, what inspires you and why do you love your sport? Here is what they said:

My sport helps me tap into gratitude! I am so grateful to be able to move my body and run outdoors.

I am inspired by how far mountain bikes can take someone if they really want it!

Pushing my limits for other fellow veterans who can’t or aren’t here anymore!

Running makes me feel connected to life… to earth and all living things on it.

I love learning something new and growing physically, mentally, and emotionally!

Runners are an amazing group that supports and encourages everyone. You run? We got you!

The feeling of being able to breathe hard and deeply when so many of the patients I’ve cared for can’t.

Being able to create opportunities for my adaptive athlete community.

Movement inspires me! It’s amazing how much distance can be covered by a simple jog.

Being a role model to my sons and the new youngest generation! Running is the best!

The UltraRunning community! From pros to beginners they support each other.

My kids! Running helps me keep up with them and stay healthy to watch them grow!

I am inspired by all of the strong women I am lucky enough to call friends who are out there crushing it.

People who have courage! Courage to do hard things, to try again, and to move on when it’s time.

Each run reveals another layer of who I am and who I can be!

We hope you found some joy in these! Sometimes all we need is to step back and find gratitude and appreciation for the things we love to do. Happy New Year!

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