Should you get a professional bike fit?
By Lj Miller

So you bought the expensive bike and you’re ready to hit the gravel, road, trails, etc. Before you start racking up the miles, it’s a good idea to think about getting your bike professionally fit to your body.

You may need a professional bike fit if...

  • You have never been fit to your bicycle
  • You experience low back pain during or after riding
  • You experience discomfort in your soft tissue while in the saddle
  • You have knee pain to the inside or outside of the patella tendon
  • You experience hot spots or numbness in your feet
  • You are not able to breathe expansively
  • Your line of sight is limited
  • You have an important event (new bike, upcoming competition, change in physicality)
  • It has been more than 12 months since your last professional fit

Benefits of a professional bike fit… 

  • A more comfortable stable riding position making the bike safer
  • A better line of sight when riding
  • Less stress on the neck and lower back
  • Easier and more expansive breathing
  • Better sit bone, soft tissue support and circulation
  • Accurate seat height allowing more efficient pedaling

You can find more information on Lj’s services and what to expect with a professional bike fit on his website.

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