HAM'R Record - (Highest Annual Mileage)
By Amanda Coker | December 4, 2017 8,012 miles in 30 day. 86,573 miles in 365 day. 100,000 miles in 423 days. Three world records. Zero days off. How did I do it? Sheer determination, focus, drive, and the best endurance fuel on the market, Tailwind Nutrition! While riding twelve to fourteen hours every day I drank about eight bottles of Tailwind a day, which roughly totals up to 3,400 bottles! Thanks to the variety of flavors and light taste, I was able to meet all my hydration, caloric, and electrolyte needs, without any digestion issues. With Tailwind in my bottles I also haven’t experienced any cramping, regardless of speed or distance. Not only does each flavor mix well with my body, they also mix quickly and never leave any residue in my bottles. During the HAM’R I actually started each day on the bike with a serving of caffeinated Tailwind, completely replacing any need for a cup of coffee in the morning.

Besides Tailwind during my ride, for breakfast I ate a lot of hazelnut spread either on toast or with oatmeal. As soon as I finished riding for the day I consumed a recovery drink and had a huge nutritious dinner that was almost always topped off with a giant slice of cake! I never combined Tailwind with any other supplement, it works and tastes perfect on its own.

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